Sometimes we come across a condition where we want to solve a real-life data science problem but we couldn’t start to solve the problem due to the fact that there is no good dataset available. There are so many chances that you started to make your own dataset, you started to collect some data in order to make a good dataset but you will face lot of hurdles and one of them is to make a large dataset. …

Sometimes we would like to convert some docx/doc or word files to PDF without going into large number of steps, which can be very hectic when we are converting docx files to PDF on a daily basis or even on hourly basis or if you want to convert files in batch then it can be quite difficult to do this task.

I came across this issue and tried to automate this process when I used to be in the job hunting phase, where I have to convert my CV and Cover letter to PDF after some necessary updates, some values…

Umar Farooq Khan

Programmer by Profession | Data scientist | Python Developer | Android developer

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